Clairefontaine - Fontaine Watercolor - Cold Pressed - Block - 20 Sheets - 10 1/4 x 14 1/8"

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  • EAN: 3329680963588
  • Category: Cold Pressed
  • Brand: Clairefontaine

Fontaine Cold Pressed is a premium 100% cotton and acid-free paper  

produced at the Schut Mill.  The surface of this paper has undergone a  

proprietary gelatin sizing process that helps to deliver extraordinarily brilliant colors.      

The 300lb block is recommended for experienced artists.

• Our most popular texture for watercolor artists

• Light grain, medium tooth for excellent water absorption

• Perfect for wet on wet techniques

• Wirebound pad: 300g (140lb) 100% cotton

• Block: 640g (300lb) 100% cotton

• Blocks are glued on four sides

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